Bullibone dog chew toys satisfy your dog's chewing needs, improve his dental hygiene & Keep Him Entertained for hours


Let Your Furry Friend Thank You By Showing His Healthier Teeth

BULLIBONE Well Flavored Oral Care Dog Chew Toy, Large Keep your furry friend distracted and entertained with this BULLIBONE Dog Chew. The brand's dog chew toys are specially designed for playful pets and help convert their high energy into positive playtime. It is made with extra durable nylon material to make it extra strong. The BULLIBONE dog chew is bacon-flavored. This vet approved toy helps to promote good dental hygiene. This nylon dog toy helps to reduce plaque and tartar while keeping your pet's breath fresh.

BULLIBONE Bacon Flavored Oral Care Dog Chew Toy, Large

  • Tastes good while promoting canine dental hygiene
  • Fully permeated bacon-flavored nylon dog toy
  • Helps to reduce tartar and plaque
  • Freshens dogs' breath
  • Bacon dog chew toys taste deliciously meaty
  • Can be used as part of a reward system
  • Tasty snack between meals
  • Ingestible and safer than rawhide
  • Vet-recommended
  • With easy-hold paw pads
  • Extremely durable; it will take ample time for dogs to chew it
  • Bacon flavoring stays throughout the life of the entire bone
  • Keeps dogs preoccupied and entertained
  • Redirects potentially destructive chewing behavior 
  • Nylon dog toy tough enough for even the most vigorous chewers

Your pet is Your friend. Let this guy satisfy his chewing instinct on these ingestible bones instead of your shoes or other households. 

Bullibone dog chew toys trigger healthy hormones in your dog and improve their dental & mental health safely and naturally.

Order Your Bullibone package at the lowest price and let your friend say thank you with lovely licks!