Ewww What's That Smell?

Quickly Eliminate Dog Bad Breath While Soothing Digestion With Great Tasting Fresh Breathies - Natural Dental Chews For PUPs!

Perfect for all adult breeds and puppies!


FRESH BREATHIES go to work naturally to eliminate dog bad breath. They also gently soothe digestion to stop smelly gas, relieve discomfort, and help your dog stay healthy with improved nutrition.

Does Your Dog's Bad Breath Stop You From Loving Her?

You adore your furry best friend. But when she's right in your face, awful dog breath forces you to push her away. Don't let this happen!

Give him or her yummy FRESH BREATHIES that work fast cleaning teeth, eliminating smelly bacteria, and strengthening gums. BREATHIES not only cleanse breath, they can greatly improve dental health for less illness and longer life.

Why The Bad Breath?

Most store dog foods are filled with processed GMO corn and wheat, without the health and safety standards of people food. Over time foods can cause uncomfortable digestion and bad breath. It's a problem shared by millions of dogs from puppies to seniors.

FRESH BREATHIES are the best dental chews for dogs. They are made of all natural, high quality ingredients that give canine systems the healthy support they require to quickly heal and recover.

* Fixes dog bad breath fast and effectively

* Soothes digestion for less discomfort and smelly gas

* None of the fillers, stretchers, and bad stuff found in most other brands

* Safe for Dogs and Approved by the National Animal Supplement Council's high standards

Improved digestion is key to ending bad breath, soothing itchy skin, stopping lose mushy poops that make a mess, boosting energy, and helping to eliminate joint discomfort and mobility.

Just like people, dogs get lethargic and bothered by pain when they don't eat right. FRESH BREATHIES from Pup Labs is the important first step toward giving your pet the improved health and the longer life he or she deserves.

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