7-Second “Spanish Olive Trick”

to Promote a Strong Immune System and Improve intestinal health Nutritionally In Your Pup

Give Your dog the same “Primitive Protection” that their wild ancestors used to enjoy for a healthy  gut.

What is Wild Belly Canine Probiotic

Wild Belly is a dietary supplement that treats and prevents foul dog breath. According to the manufacturer, this "doggie revitalizer" contains no hazardous medications, scented lotions, or expensive food brands. Instead, this is something that you may sprinkle on your dog's food to boost his health at the cellular level. It contains all-natural ingredients that enhance the digestive health of your dog.

Each delightful treat contains the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for your dog's balanced diet and disease prevention. Wild Belly gives you peace of mind since you never have to worry about your dog lacking the "Wild Factor" they require for good health. With a healthy gut and digestive system, your dog can absorb every nutrient from the food they consume.

Your furry friend will enjoy the following benefits when you treat him with Wild Belly Canine Probiotic:

-- It helps improve your dog's gut health.

-- Enhances skin and fur condition.

-- It addresses digestive issues using organic ingredients.

-- It is Non-GMO, GMP-certified & manufactured in a FDA approved facility.

-- It fights off harmful gut bacteria.

-- It helps detoxify your dog's gut.

First Class Care

all the best for them

It can give your dog the health, vitality, and energy fast. It settles their stomach and fixes digestive problems, soothes their itchy skin, restores their soft, glossy coat.

Best For All Breeds

for your Furry Friend

Wild Belly Probiotic works for

dogs of all shapes... sizes... breeds... and ages LOVE Wild Belly.

Which is just one of the reasons why your dog will actually look forward to it.

Easy to Use

to keep them Healthy

No matter WHAT you feed your dog, whether it's kibble... wet food... raw food... or some combination of the three.

Just sprinkle a scoop of Wild Belly on top of their food and watch them grow fast.


     my chester is like a new dog now!     

He’s like a new dog. No more scratching, itching, or dragging his butt across the carpet. I used to clean up small piles of vomit all over the house almost every day. His bowel movements are regular now, and he seems calmer.

Anna Olson, Chester’s Mom

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